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A Short Story About Dockside Medical Hub

We are a modern and integrated practice, offering multidisciplinary, patient-centred services with high-quality, team-based care. Our holistic approach ensures you and your family receive the best advice and care.We take our responsibility for patient privacy and the handling of personal health information seriously. We adhere to the Privacy Act & National Privacy principles.As part of our commitment to your ongoing medical care, our practice utilises an in house recall system for clinically significant results. Results are not given over the phone.

The standard appointment time is 10-15 minutes – however, if you feel you will need extra time, please inform the receptionist and we will arrange a longer appointment.Pre-employment medicals, any other form of Medical + Work Cover are not billed in bulk. Medicare only covers visits for when a patient is not well.

  • Keep Patients First
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Keep Everyone Safe
  • Manage Your Resources
  • Work Together
  • Keep Learning

Our Doctors are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care. we have practised the same at Aspley Family Medical and Dental Practice and families achieved the best possible health outcomes. After years of successful care for various aches, pains and conditions, Dr Pande and his team found his calling to help his patients with a holistic approach.

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We’re Setting the New
Standards in Medical Sector

Modern Technology

We will be fully capable of diagnosing and treating your health problem effectively through advanced technology, techniques and processes.

Certified Doctors

Dockside Medical Hub has a team of the best doctors with excellent experience and expertise in all specialities. The doctors here are board certified, experienced in a wide range of subspecialties and passionate about improving patient care.

Success Of Treatment

We understand that people coming in through our doors often go through a stressful time, and we recognize that every person is essential and deserves the best care possible.

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